Rebranding – What’s it all about?

Sunday, June 21, 2009
By Brendan FitzPatrick


A brand is the combination of the logo, image, identity, reputation and presence of an organisation.

Rebranding is a process that reviews all of these elements and considers changing some or all of them – for the better.

Why should an organisation undertake a rebranding process?

If an organisation has changed in its scope or market, rebranding can give a clear focus to the new goals of the organisation.

Often, many people – that can be customers, suppliers and strategic partners – may be unclear about the scope of what an organisation does. This may be hindered by the name, image and identity.

You want to be sure that your name, image and identity clearly match and represent the services you provide and how you provide them.

A rebranding process will review all of the elements of your brand and consider some options and suggestions you have to strengthen your image and change your image.

Rebranding should give you a strong and visible presence in the marketplace and to clear up any confusion that exists.

What does the rebranding process involve?
Rebranding can be a small or large exercise, depending on your aims, timeframe and budget.

Ideally, you want to ensure a cross-section of your employees, management, customers and strategic partners are involved in the process of possibly changing or adjusting your name, logo, image and identity.

Some or all of the following steps can help to ensure the change takes the knowledge and perceptions of these important stakeholders into account:

  • Research: either face to face/one on one interviews and/or surveys
  • Workshops: workshops with clients, staff & management are invited to attend to offer their input, comments and suggestions.
  • Final Workshop: a workshop where a small group of representatives of make a final recommendation to the Board on the suggested approach to rebranding.

A shorter version of this process can take place among a management team, with each selecting a trusted outsider for feedback and advice.

What will the outcome be?
A strong, relevant and contemporary brand image is vital for any organisation. Through rebranding, your organisation’s image may be refined, adjusted or updated, to ensure what you say about the organisation, matches the scope and range of services you provide.

It will mean that there is a good fit between your products and services and your identity and that people are clear about you we are and what you do.

This clarity can lead to further growth, a stronger presence in the market, attracting professional and talented and committed staff and business partners.

A good rebranding process can secure the future of the organisation by ensuring your brand is current, accurate and up to date.

Can’t our image just stay as it is?
Can we just change part of it now and part later?
If you have a situation of low levels of awareness, confusion and misconceptions about your organisation, it will create problems for you over the long term.

If you want to ensure that it is well known, well presented and strongly represented in the marketplace, rebranding should take place in a holistic way, with a new image presented in one hit rather than dribs and drabs.

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